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CVD Colourless diamonds are all certified as Type IIa - the purest type of diamond which is extremely rare in nature.

"Give your customer that no one else can, Give them eco-friendly diamonds from CVD."
  • Real Diamond

  • Type IIa

  • Guaranteed Conflict-Free

  • A New Consumer Choice

  • Dependable Supply

  • Environmentally Friendly


CVD Diamonds are able to offer individually grown
Type IIa diamonds of top quality and value.
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We are proud of our laboratory grown diamonds and every certified stones has a inscription on the girdle for full disclosure.
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Top Quality and Value

CDA's diamonds are of the highest purity, are optimally cut, and are guaranteed to be "eye clean," meaning no inclusions are visible to the naked eye. A Concierge is ready to curate a list of lab diamonds unique to your inquiry!